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Helpplax is a modern concept to established a such type of system where every person can be profitable to be connect us and we tried to make a such type of platform where every participator has to help other in form of a few amount as commitment . Any person can get growth on his committed amount and take back ever as Get help also without any constraints .
our community is to help the person indeed. It matters how we works because it should be in favour of people. It’s a helping way, In which you can help people and take help. once you helped. By helping each other we can make a new society brighter and cleaner one. We are not a bank or a profitable organization. We does not collect your money. We are a community of likeminded individuals that help to one another, and constantly invite others to take part in this philanthropic activity, to help ease stress of financial hardship that many people are facing today.
It is apparent community of helping platform and social organization managed by a dedicated panel of skilled volunteers who has an interest in providing with less fortunate situations to better their lifestyle. We are a non-denominational group, supported by the team members, who are committed to provide financial and social opportunities and to promote well-being to everyone in international platform.
Our members come from many different walks of life, but are united in the belief that global poverty is one of the most important problems in the world today. And in the desire to do something about it this concept introduced

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Company Overview

Company Overview

Our mission is to encourage the people. so that they can help each other through us.

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Purchase Bitcoin

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Our Advantages

Our Advantages

We have a strong marketing and income offerd by us is warranted.

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