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If labor in the world is measured in terms of money, why is it so unjustly distributed? Most of it is accumulated in the hands of a very small section of the world which control the money flow. Why should man toil all his life generation after generation only to find a limited and scant wage. This unfair state of the world can be changed if we all join hands. We know longer need to believe the falsity that the world is equal and money measures labor. The people lying in this greater section of the society, including members of parliament, bankers etc. and their lavish lifestyle are proofs of inequality dominate across the world. Man is still living in slavery, slavery presently hard to perceive due to the modern sophisticated methods.

Not only have we jeopardized our equality, but also our freedom. We have lost the freedom to work. We should be working not to earn but to do something productive for the society. We should be able to choose to do what be like without being ridden of money for survival.

Just printed pieces of paper are manufacture to the contact of the money- maker hearts, and distributed among the slaves as pay for their work. An extra piece of paper delights us, as an increases in pay.

This seems to be an everlasting bondage. We are in constant debt to the bank, to busy toiling to feed our families to realize that this is unfair. The banks produce money to their heart’s desire. And, we always owe them everything we have. It is high time that some action was taken to annihilate this system, and establish a new, just economy.

Helpplax is a community of people, willingly helping one another. You provide help today, and are helped yourself tomorrow. Instead of becoming slave to the banking system, you can join Helpplax to use your money in helping a person in need. It could be lady several children, a disabled person, or a retiree. This common stores box contains the saved money of millions of people, which can be retrieved whenever they need it.

Money is not what you really need. What you really need it assurance that you will have it in future when there is requirement. This confidence is provided to you by being a part of Helpplax. Mutual aid inculcates a feeling of partnership and togetherness. You are never left alone, and are always helped and supported. Helpplax aims to create a new world free of money and the slavery that comes with it, a fair and honest world their you can work for your own interest and for the welfare of the society, not for survival. Such a dream is real , and you can join this system to change the world.

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