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About Us

The Company was started at the november of 2012 as a helpplax.

After five year of working towards increasing in help funds ,the Company decided to expand its activity and enter the online investment market.
In 2017 year the helpers decided to make it an open-ended company to allow general public to participate in the Fund's development as helpplax .
who has completed registration in 2017.
The main reason to be here is to help the people needs to be stable.

The home office, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, help peoples choose, manage and prosper in home-based business, and a directory of home-based businesses; technology ,the Internet,computers and the future of home-based business opportunities is only this.

Business- when on a large scale .we will help people it takes time to make them stable . but daily one of them surely rise up when this thing takes place people who rised just because of -our help will surely help people in our system as they know all they are just because of us .it makes trustable and a helping system in world .

Our aim - we want to help the peoples from nothing to something, Else is depends on there hard-work or smart-work

Our privacy - its a safe and secure system it tells you little only about person helping you rest is secured by system

our opportunities - all the time opportunities depends on your dicision you makes. we are here to offer you the best just seck hand with us and be aprt of dream world.

Network marketing is one of best syestem to rise from zero . when some one ask you, what will you like to chosse ? Common people likes to say i will work hard and earn , while the brilliant would like to chosse smartwork . we are here to help the people indeed .


Helpplax helping community is arose to maintain a environment in which many kind of diversities could be finished to became a part of different countries, areas etc. convert into a global help organization .In the world every person has a sufficient goods to fulfill their needs but don’t have correct manner to maintain that and may be they are deprived from an opportunity therefore it is create a large diversity among the peoples.

Therefore Helpplax comes to take a platform as GLOBAL HALP ORGANIZATION to change the environment where people are gripped by these type of troubles to accomplishes their physical needs.

Our community is providing many helping concept to do work and tried to establish a formal relation among the participants so that no one never deprived from an opportunity.


Helpplax will be rise and luminous to people around the world definitely . our vision is to grow the system and transform into an organization where every member could be get and avail all opportunities so that they could be independent and be able & financial valued in their society .

We will try to find out more possibilities to grow the people therefore more these types of plans have to bring front of people and Helpplax members .

Give-up program- Further we will also bring a GIVE-UP program for the participants in which they will able to donate a some fraction of financial values from into grown-income if they want but without any constraints so that we will be able to make a more reliable system and help vulnerable people who seeking help outside from Helpplax organization.

Stable income

You will not depend on stock quotations, indexes or volatility anymore. Only guaranteed income and solid investments from now on.

Independent Business

We build our strategy and ways to the shared and prosperous success autonomously and independently.

Decision Variety

A plurality of approaches and confidence in the made decisions create a good case for collaborative work.

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